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POWERGEN India & Indian Utility Week


Series & Episodes


Series & Episodes

POWERGEN India Episodes


Episode Recording: Digital power plants: Fostering sustainable and reliable power generation

India is making great strides towards affordable, reliable and cleaner energy. A significant progress has been happening on the renewable & clean energy front as well. However, with the advent of Covid-19 pandemic, the sector has experienced a major impact with drop-in demand of 25-30% accompanied with existing power sector disruption - Decarbonization, Digitization and Decentralization.




Episode Recording: Trigeneration: Catalysing Decarbonisation & Energy Efficiency

The Online Panel Discussion facilitated deliberations amongst key stakeholders & experts on current projects, market opportunities & action plan for facilitating the large scale adoption of Trigeneration technologies.

The Trigeneration technology is well-established; about 11 per cent of Europe’s electricity generation is delivered through CHP! The existing unconstrained market potential in India for trigeneration technology is around 20,000 MW while the current installed capacity in India is just around 1,000 MW.



Episode Recording:  Emission Control Compliance – Facilitate, Collaborate, Implement!

For the last couple of years, the quality of air in Indian cities has deteriorated to the extent that it has put the lives of its citizens at risk. Power generation accounts for nearly 60% of industrial particulate matter, 45% of SO2, and 30% of NOx emissions in the country, apart from 80% of mercury as a pollutant.

The webinar facilitated deliberations between relevant industry stakeholders on the way forward for the timely implementation & compliance of the emission norms.


Indian Utility Week Episodes


Episode Recording: Power Market 2.0 – Deepening Electricity Market in India

CERC has released a draft Power Market Regulations on 18 July, 2020. The first power market regulations were issued in January 2010, after which two amendments have been made through gazette notifications. These regulations have come in the backdrop of Real Time Market (RTM) for electricity which is introduced few months ago by Power minister Mr. R.K Singh.
The proposed draft has proposed to introduce many major changes in the power market in India like OTC market, Market Coupling Operator, separation of clearing function of Px etc.




Episode Recording: Smart Metering - Adopt, Accelerate & Transform

With the Government of India’s vision to provide universal access to affordable power, it becomes important to eliminate the challenges faced by the DISCOMs. To overcome roadblocks of billing inefficiencies and unauthorised power consumption that contribute to DISCOMs’ financial woes, implementation of smart meters across the country. 

The Live Webinar facilitated deliberations amongst stakeholders & experts on the various opportunities & challenges of smart metering rollout including insights on investments, cyber security & innovations whilst highlighting the way forward for DISCOMs to become smarter!



Episode Recording: Digital Transformation - Utility of Future

A “Utility of Future” in pursuit of this journey shall adopt a series of digital initiatives that will transform the way energy is produced, delivered, and consumed across the value chain. Utilities should start progressing towards “Digital transformation” i.e. the changes in business models, processes, & organizational/cultural shift with the support of senior leadership – Chairman, MD/CMD, CIOs of the organisations instead of only adopting digital initiatives in silos. Globally, Digital Transformation can unlock $1.3 trillion of value for Power sector (Source: reports.weforum.org1) which is ready to realize this value by leveraging the building blocks of digitalization.




Episode Recording : RE Grid Integration-Embrace and Accelerate

The expert panel deliberate discussed on present state of the sector, concerns of wind/solar power generators under the impact of COVID 2019, concerns of grid operators when it comes to integrating high levels of variable renewables and ways to mitigate such challenges through effective grid integration of renewables. The discussion also addressed the steps towards initialising forecasting and scheduling of renewables in the country.

The LIVE Webinar on ‘RE Grid Integration - Embrace and Accelerate’ received over 786 registrations out of which over 413 registrants went  LIVE to attend. The extremely engaging content delivered by esteemed panel member started with a presentation by Mr. Anurag Mishra, Energy Team Leader, USAID.




Episode Recording : Grid Modernization – Technology and Innovation

The webinar on GRID Modernization was successful to engage the grid operators, T&D Utilities, policy makers and Technology providers, to deliberate discussions to strengthen, transform, and improve energy grid infrastructure to ensure access to reliable, secure, and clean sources of energy.

The LIVE Webinar on ‘Grid Modernization – Technology and Innovation’ received over 653 registrations out of which over 320 registrants went  LIVE to attend. The extremely engaging content delivered by esteemed panel member started with a presentation by Dr. Rahul Tongia, Fellow, Brookings India.




Episode Recording : RTM – An introduction to real-time electricity markets Webinar

In August 2019, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) proposed several amendments to create the necessary framework for the implementation of the real-time market (RTM), for electricity. The webinar on 'Introduction to real-time electricity market' deliberated discussions around implementation framework of RTM.

The webinar on ‘Introduction to real-time electricity market’ deliberately discussed around implementation framework of RTM. The speaker panel also addressed the concerns of all business operations from the perspective of Utilities, System Operators and Market Operators. The panel discussion covered discussion on key areas like day closures, price mechanism, NOAR, real time transaction ratios, system communications and other related framework.


What our clients say...

What our clients say...

  • POWERGEN India & Indian Utility Week covers generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of power in their conventional and futuristic formats, in the perspective of environment and economics, shifts in government policies and regulatory framework... It is a “Must Attend” annually for everyone associated and concerned with power and energy
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