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POWERGEN India & Indian Utility Week


Episode 1: Digital Transformation - Utility of Future


Episode 1: Digital Transformation - Utility of Future


15th September 2020


1500 Hrs IST



Today’s scenario, the survival for utilities will depend on their ability to develop new capabilities, different business models and a mindset centred around agility and collaborations. The digital trends enhance operation throughout the electricity value network. This increases grid reliability and security, and reduces the cost to generate, transmit, and deliver electricity.
Before the global pandemic (Covid-19), GoI proposed ADITYA Scheme for Discoms reform as a successor to UDAY with an outlay of INR 3 lakh crores. While the fight with Covid-19 is still ongoing, there came an announcement of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” for self-reliance. It would help India overcome the economic fight against Covid-19. Electricity is an essential commodity, even when the country was under a lockdown the service continued & sector relied upon digital means to continue operations & understood the need for a resilient and contactless utility in the future. This inspired us to imagine a fully digital “Utility of Future”
A “Utility of Future” in pursuit of this journey shall adopt a series of digital initiatives that will transform the way energy is produced, delivered, and consumed across the value chain. Utilities should start progressing towards “Digital transformation” i.e. the changes in business models, processes, & organizational/cultural shift with the support of senior leadership – Chairman, MD/CMD, CIOs of the organisations instead of only adopting digital initiatives in silos. Globally, Digital Transformation can unlock $1.3 trillion of value for Power sector (Source: reports.weforum.org1) which is ready to realize this value by leveraging the building blocks of digitalization.

Key Discussion Points

  • How to build resilient framework for distribution utilities in India – Our learnings from Pandemic
  • An outlook on business led transformation instead of doing Digital in Silos – “Doing Digital to Being Digital”
  • Technological advancements and adoption by Utilities – AI/ML, RPA, Blockchain, IoT, Cybersecurity
  • Foreseen benefits and risks of Digital Transformation including the impact on revenue
  • Challenges in adopting the Digital Transformation Framework

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What our clients say...

What our clients say...

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