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POWERGEN India & Indian Utility Week


ON-DEMAND Sessions


ON-DEMAND Sessions

Inaugural Session
Inclusive Transformation for Sustainability, Recovery & Growth

Leadership Panel - I
Indian Energy Transition 2.0 – The New Paradigm

Technical Hub Session - I
Smart Metering - Metering Innovations & Emerging Trends for Smart Discoms

Round Table Discussion
Emission Control Compliance – Facilitate, Collaborate, Implement


Leadership Panel - II
Decoding the Future Energy Mix - State of Renewables & Future of Conventional

Technical Hub Session-II
Accelerating Digital Transformation – Building Futuristic Utilities

Round Table Discussion
Smart Metering - Road ahead and Road blocks

Panel Summit Session - I
Energy Market Reforms – Catalysing Sustainability, Grid Efficiency & Renewable Integration


Leadership Panel-III
Modernizing the Grid – Solutions for Digital, Smart and Reliable Grids

Technical Hub Session-III
Digital Power Plants - Towards Sustainable and Reliable Power Generation

Round Table Discussion
Gas to power based plants: Need for energy mix review

Technical Hub Session-IV
Integrating the Renewables – Success Stories, Innovations, Barriers & Solutions


Panel Summit Session-II
India Energy Storage Roundup – Projects, Innovations, Opportunities & Implementation Roadblocks

Technical Hub Session-V
Fast-tracking Emission Control Compliance – Clean & Sustainable Technologies for Cleaner Air

Panel Summit Session - III
EV Charging Infrastructure - Vision 2030

Valedictory Session
Concluding Remarks

What our clients say...

What our clients say...

  • POWERGEN India & Indian Utility Week covers generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of power in their conventional and futuristic formats, in the perspective of environment and economics, shifts in government policies and regulatory framework... It is a “Must Attend” annually for everyone associated and concerned with power and energy
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